Aug. 11th, 2011

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My latest obsession is the image aggregate website Pinterest. There's a lot of goop there (weddings! jesus! thinspiration!), but also a ton of really beautiful and truly inspirational stuff. One of the things I found was this photography challenge. 30 subjects, 30 days.

Of course I'm cheating adapting and won't shoot 1 picture a day, this is my first time making photos using a prescribed theme so that is plenty of novelty. This is also why I'm not trying to cram every possible personal challenge in there at once. I'm making pix of my own stuff, in my own home. Stuff I made pix of before, yes, but a new one especially for this challenge. The photo doesn't have to be a revolutionary masterpiece either. It's supposed to be a fun, creative project. No overthinking. I will try to post 1 a day for 30 days.

Day 01: Selfportrait:

Of course this is a giant cliché, but I thought it was kinda amusing to do it for the kick-off anyway. The books in the background are a reflection of my interests (reflection, get it? i r so clevar.) (It's going to be a long month.) Also, if you throw stuff willy nilly in a pan with hot oil it will splash on your arm and burn you.


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