Dec. 10th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Allow me this moment of showing off my goodies, and then I'll go back to worrying about the economic crisis and being less of a consumer drone.

We had our yearly christmas brainstorm yesterday, in which we worked on the look and themes for christmas 2012. The issues for 2011 are all done, the New Year's issue is going to the printer on Monday. Traditionally this brainstorm is a combination of work and fun, and this year was pretty much the same. Everything was a little more subdued though. Things used to be a little more opulent, with Michelin star dinners and the like. But we all have to be a bit more careful about spending right?

Another tradition is that we all get to pick a random gift. Every package is the same, and inside is a designer perfume that you either like and keep, or don't really care about and try to trade with your coworkers. Mine was this one:

I may have screamed. I may have shown it to everybody in the room, including the barman.

We went to dinner, and on everybody's chair was this:

There was lots of squealing! The marketing lady who had arranged it had been fending off questions about it all year from people who really wanted it (it was a subscription premium at some point last year). She was soooo smug :)

Then we noticed there was an envelope on every plate. This contained 2 tickets to a spa. OMG.

Christmas came early this year!
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