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Jul. 30th, 2012 11:38 am
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Oh, man. Step 3* in any given new obsession is to contact [ profile] feriowind and have her make a commission for me. No idea how she does it, but she captures the perfect feeling based on 3 or 4 keywords.

One of the first fics that cemented the Loki thing from casual browsing to full-blown, wild-eyed, every-free-moment-of-every-day obsession was Drag the past out into the light by [ profile] coneycat_fic. ALL THE FUCKING FEELS!!11!eleventy! So I asked for art based on that fic.

I so love the incredible talent that is happily fangirling around the internet. SO. MUCH. <3<3<3

(* Steps 1 and 2 involve flailing, and bewildering RL people by bringing up the object of my obsession at every importune moment. Frex:
Unsuspecting friend: Nice weather we're having.
Me: Loki likes weather! Have I shown you the 400 500+ picture gallery on my iPad since last week?
My friends are wonderful, patient people.)


Jun. 2nd, 2012 03:38 pm
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So LJ made a huge mess of the Scrapbook. I now have just a pile of random albums and files, collected in the 5+ years I've been here, where I used to have everything organised just so. I'm seriously a little teary. I guess there's nothing to it but just download everything and find a service that does allow for sorting. There are over 4k pix in there :( Godsdammit.

I'm wondering what LJ thinks their product is?

Fic rec

May. 30th, 2012 09:32 pm
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So I finally saw Avengers last Friday and when I came home I started looking for fic (I googled Thor/Bruce Banner but in these kind of macho universes only the villains are really interesting. So yeah, Loki).

I found The Hapless Queer Avengers series, and seriously, this stuff is awesome. Everybody is gay, it's funny, and there's some plot too!

(here was a dead link to fanart by Deviant user princessofawkward)

Loki board on Pinterest.


Apr. 29th, 2012 11:47 am
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Yesterday I was scouring Pinterest, as usual these days, and finally found out the name of a certain doll from my childhood that I've been looking for forever. Sasha! I was overjoyed!

So I went looking and of course they are highly collectible :/ I did find one I really loved and have reserved her so I can buy her next month. Hopefully the seller is legit and will actually keep her as they promised, you never know.

cutting for the doll-phobics. I do think of you guys! )
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I'm writing this from the attic. I'm lucky to have made it out and I need to make this post to warn you all! Zombies have invaded my house!

This is what happened. )

So I fled my apartment, and I don't know what to do. It's the end of the world!11!!
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Revoltech!Ed is in the house, and he is a dork.
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I spend a few hours yesterday finally painting a wall in my bedroom in the evocative colour Dead Salmon. I moved in the middle of summer and then it seemed like a great idea to paint everything a blinding white. But in winter it makes the bedroom feel pretty bleak, so a splash of warm colour was called for. When I found out Farrow and Ball do a colour named Dead Salmon I knew that was it.


Dec. 10th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Allow me this moment of showing off my goodies, and then I'll go back to worrying about the economic crisis and being less of a consumer drone.

We had our yearly christmas brainstorm yesterday, in which we worked on the look and themes for christmas 2012. The issues for 2011 are all done, the New Year's issue is going to the printer on Monday. Traditionally this brainstorm is a combination of work and fun, and this year was pretty much the same. Everything was a little more subdued though. Things used to be a little more opulent, with Michelin star dinners and the like. But we all have to be a bit more careful about spending right?

Another tradition is that we all get to pick a random gift. Every package is the same, and inside is a designer perfume that you either like and keep, or don't really care about and try to trade with your coworkers. Mine was this one:

I may have screamed. I may have shown it to everybody in the room, including the barman.

We went to dinner, and on everybody's chair was this:

There was lots of squealing! The marketing lady who had arranged it had been fending off questions about it all year from people who really wanted it (it was a subscription premium at some point last year). She was soooo smug :)

Then we noticed there was an envelope on every plate. This contained 2 tickets to a spa. OMG.

Christmas came early this year!
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A couple of times a year there is a closet clean-out at the laydeez magazine where I work (all the time!) We get send an insane amount of shit from companies who all want us to write about them. I consider this one of the main perks of my job. Last week there was a cosmetics sale, and as I was surveying my hoard I thought it might be a good idea to share what I've learned from several years of being able to try out all this crap.

I have sensitive, combination skin: it is very dry, except around the nose, where it's greasy as all get out. I'm also middle aged. I go for products that are hypo-allergenic (scent is very important here), for dry skin (I just avoid putting stuff on my nose), gentle cleansing, and anti wrinkle or plumping.

The most important thing I learned is that the price or brand name does not say a single thing about the effectivity of any given product.

This is my my dressing table, these are all brands I have a lot of experience with:

1. This is Bath and Body body lotion with lavender and vanilla scent. It smells divine but it's a bit thin for every day use, so I only use it occasionally in summer. I now have the shower gel from this line, and LOVE it.

2. Dr Hauschka body lotion. Their products smell great and don't make me break out. Their facial products don't do very much else, but body lotion is something I use a lot.

3. La Roche-Posay is a hypo-allergenic brand that is sold only at apothecaries over here. This is good stuff for moisturising. Their anti-ageing stuff doesn't do squat.

4. Vichy is another brand that is sold as hypo-allergenic and only available at apothecaries, but it's heavily perfumed and makes me break out. This is body lotion, that won't be a problem, and since winter is coming I can use all the body-lotion I can lay my hands on. I do not get anything else from them (On edit: Not true. They have a cleanser that works like a charm to get make-up off, but looks and feels like water. I'd get that of I saw it at work again). They belong to L'Oreal.

5. Marbert anti-ageing Super Booster. Does not make me break out, I use it under a moisturiser, it helps plump my skin.

6. Givenchy skin targetters. It's a pore minimiser. Meh.

7. Ren restoring facial serum. This is sold as a high end, hypo-allergenic, green brand, but it breaks me out liek whoa.

8. Lancaster Suractif non stop lifting mask. I use this very rich cream mask as night cream in winter. It's heavily perfumed but does not make me break out, and works well.

9 and 10. Sothys. Both are pore minimisers. I put a little over moisturiser and it makes my skin look even and glowy. I like them a lot. Sothys also makes a "sculpting" body serum that is very nice as a body lotion in summer. You can't really buy this in stores, only at beauticians.

11. Ariane Inden primer. I use this the same way as the above, over moisturiser to make my skin look even. This brand has an anti-ageing serum that I like a lot (comes in capsules, oooh).

12. Dermalogica Ultracalming face serum. I actually bought this in a store once the tub I got from work ran out. It's my summer moisturiser.

13. Biodermal. This is an anti-scar cream which I use for the spots where some moles were removed a couple of months ago. The brand is generally good, great for moisturising and properly hypo-allergenic.

14. Roc anti wrinkle. I use it under my moisturiser and it works a bit. I'm a BIG fan of Roc in general. Is a Johnson & Johnson company.

15. Lush Celestial moisturiser. This is the stuff of the gods. I buy this in the store all the time. When my skin is being difficult I just use this for a while and all is well. Be warned: it smells like vanilla.

16. Biotherm skin energetic. Okay but can be a bit much. I use it occasionally because my skin gets overfed if I use it too much. And then I break out. Owned by L'Oreal.

17. Sisley Express Flower gel mask. I'm a huge fan of Sisley when I can get it at work, their store prices are not worth it. I use this as a night cream. It's very nice. Their products do work.

18 Shiseido Benefiance wrinkle lifting concentrate. Another brand sold as hypo-allergenic but is not. I can use it if my skin is good shape otherwise. It works somewhat.

19. Anna Sui Dreams perfume. I buy Anna Sui stuff because the packaging is awesome :)

Other brands I'm always pleasantly surprised about are Bodyshop, L'Occitane, and Kiehls. They have good stuff that can really work. I have bad experiences with Clinique, Clarins and Philosophy.
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Made a really nice photo of Ng ye in the little hat I bought at AWA and posted it over on [ profile] delfault. And made a pic of my new Ghoulia dolls and posted it over at [ profile] daily_doll.
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Went to the Anime Weekend Atlanta this year, and met up with many fellow FMA fans on my flist!

Here are my pix from AWA )
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Day 30: Selfportrait:

Last day and the challenge is done. No cheat, a honest selfprortrait. Thanks to all the people who commented on my photos, it is much appreciated <3 I have become a better technical photographer, and my "framing eye" also improved. It was a great experience.
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Day 29: Black and white:

Almost done! This is a good grainy, contrasty, rock 'n roll type of B&W photo. And Élie is so hard! Well no, whatever he tries, he just looks cute, must be the anime eyes <3
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Day 28: Flowers :

These are the only flowers I always have around. I don't like cut flowers much, the idea that you bring something home that is already dying brings me down. These were available a couple of years ago during the xmas decoration season, and they are too pretty to put away.
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Day 27: From a distance:

The view from the river Amstel towards downtown Amsterdam. It's taken from the bridge closest to my home, and you can see the Stopera (city hall/opera) in the distance. In the middle is a lock and the Magere brug behind it. It's one of my favourite views. I've lived here for 20 years now, and still love how it looks in summer.
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Day 26: Close up:

Macro shot with my new Sigma 70 mm - 300 mm - F/4.0-5.6 lens. The ammonite in the picture is from Madagascar and about 150 million years old. There is a little mother of pearl on it, so pretty!
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Day 25: Something pink:

This is another challenge I could easily do 30 times. A lot of things in my home are pink. In the end I went with a subdued atmospheric shot.
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Day 24: An animal:

Who else? Anyway, no photo series would be complete without a pic of Moya. She was rather randomly named after the space ship from Farscape, but it's a good name and it has grown on her.

She was born in the wilds of Noord Holland, and only caught by an animal rescue group to get spayed, and then released again. They clipped part of her ear so it would be clear she was already spayed, in case the group would run into her again. After the operation however she developed a kidney infection, and it took a long time for her to heal. So long that the shelter though she might take to being adopted.

I took her home. She is super sweet, and she is still getting mellower. It took a little time to get used to a cat who does not think your are her mom, but apparently a group mate. She always insists on washing me in return when I pet her. She will be 10 next year.


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