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Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
On my username: Nylon is a polymer, which is to say a long molecule composed of many identical units, chemically known as polyamide (one brand name is Astron). The form described as Nylon 6,6 is stretch nylon (brand names include Ban-Lon and BriNylon).

My current hang out is Tumblr, but if another site is going to be the fandom place to be, I'll cheerfully move along. Currently still into Loki, with Frostiron as the main ship, but the hyperfixation is gone.

I collect dolls. There are BJDs (Luts Delf El, Volks F16, Supia Rosy, DiM MNM Loki, Volks Emma, DC Ada, DC Alma, Popovy Sisters Bony, Secretdoll Person 21 , Luts Delf Lishe, Sleeping elf Mina, DiM MNM Alucard, Volks Tony, and Maskcat Aruna), a bunch of Pullips, and assorted others.

I used to play WoW, now I play FFXIV. It's not an improvement qua timesuck.

I am somewhat neurotic on spelling and grammar so there is near continous editing going on in my posts. English is not my first language so I tend to miss bits at the first, second and third reading.

I live alone, don't even have a cat atm. Ace/aro.
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